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What is CAMS IPO

 You must have heard about CAMS IPO, it is very important to know about IPO, Demat Account and Business etc. It is related to share market and in this article I will tell you about it. Now there is a question in your mind, what is CAMS IPO It must be coming and you will find the answer in the article below.

The full name of CAMS is Computer Age Management Services. It is a Mutual Fund Transfer Agency. In 1988 this company was denied. The CEO of this company is Anuj Kumar. This company was incorporated in Chennai India. This IPO will be live from Monday. It is important to know some things you need to understand about CAMS Business Model, it is the largest RTA in India and full form of RTA is Registrar and Transfer Agent. If you read this article completely, then you will know that CAMS IPO is good for you. Whether or not this company has changed itself as per the requirement, many of the businesses have lost a lot due to the corona and this property was also lost a bit due to the corona.

If we know about its main business, then its main business is of RTA. If we look at the famous RTA of India, then 1 out of 4 users is of CAMS, the date of this IPO will be from 21 September to 23 September and about its market lot Talking, there will be 12 shares and the price of this IPO will be Rs. 1229 to Rs. 1230, if you see the cut-off of the amount, it will be Rs. 14760 and the size of the IPO will be Rs. 2244 crores. If you have any question in your mind, then you can ask me through the comment in the comment box given below, I will definitely answer the questions asked by you.

There is some information related to this IPO, which you will not know, this IPO will be listed only on BSE, on the first day it will not be listed on NSE, their major promoter is HDFC, now you need to know about its competitor. IPO is now, I tell you some special things about these two, you must have heard about happiest minds, this IPO came some time ago and this IPO gave a very good presentation in the market and after that now this IPO is going to come and be It is possible that they will perform just like happiest minds

Chemcon IPO


What is Chemcon IPO

What is Chemcon IPO, this question must be coming in your mind and I will give you the answer to this question, Meena will tell you about their business, I have divided their business into 3 parts, now I will tell you about them in specialty chemical. HMDS and CMIC are included and this company is known as the leader in the production of these chemicals.

Looking at the other business, here oil field chemicals are made and they use calcium and zinc bromide etc. This company is known as the major producer of oil field chemicals in India and the world. The largest pharmaceutical chemical in the world The company is Chemcon, what is the production done by them in the world, this company is supplying the chemical to USA, Japan, UAE and many other countries. Now let me tell you some features of this IPO.

• It is the world’s largest manufacturer in pharmaceutical chemicals.
• The date of this IPO is 21 September to 23 September

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