Can Vi GigaNet Integrated 4G bring change in telecom business


GigaNet 4G

What is Vi Giganet Integrated 4G

 You must have heard about Vi Giganet Integrated 4G or you must have heard about the new name Vi on the merger of Idea and Vodafone on TV. The network will give very good speed compared to other operators, according to them, it is being said that the more people join this network, the higher its speed will be, according to which this network can work easily even in 5G.

They are also being told that after the corona is over, they will launch the Vi Giganet Interated 4G the question must have come in your mind that what is Vi, I answered it in the article written above and I will tell you its Let me tell you again about Idea and Vodafone, these are 2 famous telecom operators and this company was added some time ago and now they have changed their name to Vi, if you have any more questions related to Vi India, then you You can ask me through the comment in the comment box given below, I will answer it and you can also share this article with your friends.

Vi New Recharge Plans

Here you get a high speed 4G network, it can also support more users, they have launched some new prepaid plans in Delhi circle, which are Rs 109 and Rs 169, this is a very cheap plan, the way they are being prepared. It seems that it is about to launch its new plan in some time, maybe some more changes can be brought in it and like jio was launched, then it gave free internet to its users and this time you get free internet in Giganet. You can also, but the company has not given any kind of information about it, if you are having any question in your mind like what is Giganet or others, then you can give your feedback in the comment box below and you can write this article in your Can also share to friends

Some new changes are also coming in their plans, now the OTT platform subscriptions are also available for free in the recharge plan. It depends on their services, it was trending as soon as they launched Vi and many popular youtube creators are also reviewing Giganet Integrated 4g launched by Vi and are showing some possibilities here on YouTube. Time connectivity will also be available and it can also be known as the best network in the coming time. Now, they are boosting their network. It has been mentioned in the question and what is the 4G network coming in your mind and its answer has been given in the article below.




What is LTE 4G

You are currently using LTE 4G or VoLTE. The network you are using and not really 4G is an upgraded version of 3G due to which you will be getting your internet speed very low and in future. The 3G network you will be using will be the current 4G network, now you must have understood that you are not using real 4G, right now the speed of real 4G is not being given by any network but in some time, the real 4G Can also come if you have any related question in your mind, then you can ask by commenting in the comment box given below, I will definitely answer the question asked by you.

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