What is Vi GigaNet Integrated 4G: Vi vs Jio Sim


giganet 4g

What is Vi Giganet

You must have heard about Vi and Vi Giganet 4G has also been in discussion for some time, Vodafone and Idea company was added and they changed their name to Vi and this is a new brand, now they have given some new updates for some time. Going and it may be that this company should also work like jio, this means that the business model that jio used, now vi also use that model.

This company is doing its branding a lot and it is much more than other company, you would know that when jio was elastic then the people were given free internet and people liked it very much because it was The speed of the internet was given by them very well, which the user liked very much, in the same way Vi is also going to expand his new network Vi GiGA 4G and it is being told that this network is comparable to all other networks I will be very good and a system is being created by them in which the user will not have to face the problem of the network.

Vi Mifi Hotspot

Vi has launched a new gadget by the company. It is a wifi which is similar to JioFi. It is named MIFi and it supports all SIMs. It is a new feature in it which is better than JioFi too me. It is awaited, some questions are coming in the mind of the user, which is related to the business model of Jio, Jio has a good hold in the field of telecom operators, the reason is also the business model of jio which is much more than that of the company. that’s good

The biggest investment is being made in jio and jio is launching new products. The jio company has a lot of flexibility in addition to internet service such as JioMart, JioFi and many more products but many more by Vi The product has not been launched, there is a lot of debt on the Vodafone and Idea company and these companies are starting some new plans to repay this loan and are also launching new products.

Now you must have understood that Vi is also working on the business model of jio and maybe there will be some changes in the telecom field in the coming time and the number of users of Vi will increase, you will know that India is now Digital services are being adopted in I and all these digital services are based on the internet and if you have to use them then you will need internet and jio has set up its business in the same way in which it has many services connected to the internet. Because of this, you will like to buy the product of jio.

 Vi Vs Jio Sim 

vi vs jio

Vi company will launch its new plan, all these plans can be cheaper than jio and Airtel and this company can also work like jio, by increasing its plan, it can increase user data.
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