Vocal For Local: Gopal Namkeen Success Story [2020]

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Gopal Namkeen Success Story

 In this series of Vocal for Local, I will tell you about Gopal Namkeen, whose name you have heard before and it is a famous company that works in India and promotes Vocal for Local. You can also join this program. And to connect with us, for this you can click on the button below and join this program

This program was run by Narendra Modi ji and it means that the purpose of this campaign is to use indigenous items instead of foreign goods and to promote this items and you have to promote this indigenous company by giving people its benefits. To tell about

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There are some aspects of this, which I have told you through some articles earlier, my purpose is to create a sense of using local products in people, so now we start this article and know about Gopal Namkeen

Gopal Namkeen Wiki

You must have heard about this company, it is a famous company that makes snacks and this company is from Gujarat.The demand of this company’s product is very high and more than 60 products are made by them. A video of this company Shemaroo came on Gujarati some time ago, this company is very famous

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Story Of  Bipinbhai Hadvani

The founder of this company is Bipinbhai Hadvani and he is believed to be born from Bhadara village of Jamkandora, Gujarat. This company was started by two brothers, this company started from a small snacks shop and did not make much profit from this shop. And to expand his business, he started Ganesh brand Namkeen in Rajkot in 1990 with his family for Rs 8500 and started getting more profit from it, he thought to increase the business of Ganesh brand Namkeen as compared to his old shop. But they didn’t have that much money

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He then started a company called Gopal Namkeen and this company was started in 1994, after 6 years, his brother also joined this company and this company was further developed in 2003 in this company automatic machine. Applied in order to increase the business, he started making spices for his snacks and many other improvements were made by this company.

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Namkeen business is very fast in India and you can also take the franchise of this dreamy company. This company has not been advertised till date. This company has expanded its business from Gujarat to many more states like Rajasthan, Maharashtra and etc. If you take a franchise, then you may need up to about 15 lakh rupees and you can invest even more.

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 website, you have to go to the agency form to apply and here you have to give some details, you have to give your state and you have to give your basic details here and if If you want to do business in partnership, then you can give details of your partner, you can also give your experience details, you can also give details of your investment here, you can tell here how much you want to invest in this company. If you can, then you can also tell that you will have a phone and you can give them your details.

Through this article, you have been told about the snack business and you have been told about the Gopal Namkeen Wiki, if you want to do a similar business, you can also share your suggestions and your startup idea and I too I will help you make your idea better and more powerful

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