Top 18 Types Of Dance [Hip Hop, Folk Dance, Belly Dance]

 Types Of  Dance 

type of dance

In today’s time, you must have heard about Hip Hop, Folk Dance and Belly Dance and after listening to all this, a question must have come in your mind that how many types of dance are there, the trend of dance has increased in some time and currently People want to learn all the types of dance done in the whole world, dance has become a common thing now but if you work in this field then you will get many good opportunities here.

The following is a list through which you will be able to easily understand all types of dance.

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• Hip Hop

• Belly Dance

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• Salsa

• Ballet Dance

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• Couple Dance

• Tap Dance

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• Kabuk

• Irani Dance

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• Aerial Dance

• Cancan

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• Break Dance

• Fandango

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• Disco Dance

• Tango

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• Lion Dance

• Latin Dance

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• Swing Dance

• Jazz

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Here some famous dance has been described, which are some of the most danceable songs around the world. If you are a dancer, it is very important to know about them. Know the types well, you can also add some of their steps to your dance style, which will make your dance steps even better.

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Hip Hop 

 This is a dance form and special clothes are worn to perform this dance but it is currently done a lot and people also like it very much in the present time to perform this dance. Clothes are worn now they have become a common trend. Hip hop has brought a lot of revenge in the dance world. In 1955, Clive Campbell, born in Kingston, started this dance style. They are also called father of hip hop

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Break Dance 


 This is also a Type of Dance  that is currently used by a lot of dancers. According to some reports, this dance was made after hip hop dance and some of the steps of this dance resemble hip hop. This dance also has high beats. And this dance is very popular due to its different style. When this dance is done at the bottom, it is called Down Rock and when it is done by standing it is called Up Rock. There is some specialty of this dance which has a power movement, it is a special step.

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