List of Famous Taxes in India: Beginner’s Guide


Famous Taxes in India

List of Famous Taxes in India

You must have heard about TAX and a question that must have come in your mind, Famous TAX in India, GST came some time ago and it had been in the discussion for a long time, you must have given tax even if it is Value Added TAX and In the form of Income TAX and I will tell you about them in this article and will also tell about some taxes that you have not heard before, if you are young or you have a child, you have given tax.

We understand tax as an example, if you went to watch a movie, then you must have seen its price and GST written on the ticket, now you must have understood that you have given tax and you have a question what is tax If any other question is coming in your mind, then you can comment in the comment box given below and I will answer the question asked by you

type of tax in India This question must also have come in your mind, the answer is 2 types of tax.

• Direct TAX

• Indirect TAX

VAT (Value Added Tax)

What is VAT? To answer this question, I give you the full name of VAT. Value Added Tax is the indirect tax levied on goods and services, which is imposed from the process of production of the mall to the sale. Solves and it is very easy to install and in the process of planting it is very less likely to be stolen, it was implemented in India on 1 April 2005

Direct tax

What is Direct TAX This question must also come in your mind, I will give you the answer to this, the tax is given to the government on the earnings of the person. It is the direct tax, if a person earns, he will have to pay this tax but no person earns it. If he does, he will not have to pay this tax. Direct tax is included in all taxes.

• Income tax

• Capital gains tax

• Securities Transaction Tax

• Corporate Tax

• Gift Tax

income tax

Income Tax 

 The tax that is levied by the government on the income of the person. It is levied on every person in India. The income is divided mainly into 5 parts, in which some part of the income is given to the central government. In this, you can easily know about Famous taxes in India now you have to understand why the government settles this income tax or what the government does when this tax reaches the government, then the government can use it for social work. I use this tax or money in many things like building a road or more.

1. Income as salary

2. Income in the form of house

3. Income from business or profession

4. Income in the form of capital gains

5. Income from other sources

Many questions related to Income TAX may be coming in your mind, I have given a list of some questions below, that could also be included in this list.

• What is Value Income TAX

• What is Income TAX Department

• What is income tax act

• What is income tax slab

I have given you the answer to the first question in the above article and I answer you to the second question, the government has created a department for income tax and if the department works to collect tax and collect tax in section 139 The Income Tax Act of 1961 is mentioned in the bar

What is GST

Its full name is Goods and Services TAX and you must have heard about it. I had also told about it in the article above that this tax was in discussion for a long time and there are some questions related to this tax, which you must become and I am giving the list of all the questions in the list of questions that you want to know the answer to be included in this list.

• What is GST ACT

• Meaning of GST

• What is Goods and Services TAX

• GST Full Form

• What is GSTN

• What is GST payment process

When the producer buys the goods or services produced by the consumer, he has to pay some tax in the form of GST and if GST it is a mixture of the first tax, this tax business is found in many areas which are corporation and franchise and There are many business branches and the next question is the full form of GSTN, Goods and Services is TAX Network and you will get to know about its payment process through this post.

I gave you an example of a movie ticket in the above article and here is the entertainment tax, in the above article I have told you about any taxes, and in addition to these, many other taxes are also taken. If any question is coming in your mind, then you can ask me by commenting in the comment box given below, I will definitely answer your question.

• Estate TAX

• Wealth TAX

• Service TAX

• Entertainment TAX

• Customs Duty TAX

If you liked this article, then you can also share it and if you have any questions in your mind, you can ask questions by commenting in the comment box below and you can read many more posts. For this you can go to our homepage, you can share this article with your friends, in this, I have told you what is TAX, you can read this article again, which will also make it very easy for you to understand it.

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