What is Digital Marketing? Beginner’s Guide


Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing This is a way to promote your products and services on the online platform and use some of the tools available online. This is a new technology that has become a lot of use in the present time. You must know about Digital Marketing Tools You must have heard and I will tell you about its tools and its history

If you have a business (Fanchise) or you are starting your business(Corporation), then you have to advertise or brand it and you have to create value for your brand, for this, offline tools were used in the ancient times and earlier it used to put big banners on newspapers or on the street. Used to go but today all these things are not used

All the tools used in ancient times were very expensive and there were some limitations here and even the customer could not get the information about the product and service easily, you must be thinking that there are offline marketing tools in everyone. Given and told about

Print Advertising 

 You may have seen advertisements in a newspaper or magazine. Hoarding is used to increase the identity of the business and hoarding is placed in a crowded place, it uses offline methods but it also costs a lot. And this requires more space. This is a Traditional Advertising tool. In this, you cannot take reviews of your product from your customer, why he did not like your product, or what kind of change you can make in your product a service accordingly. You can, but you can give your number or your email address in your banner so that your customer can talk to you about your product.

Radio Advertising 

 In this advertisement of your brand or business is done through audio and by this, you can increase the cell and brand awareness of your product, it is also used in the present time, it is very effective and useful but also very Is expensive

Phone Marketing 

 It can also be used very much, you must have used it on your phone, in this, SMS is sent for the promotion of business and in this, our customer is told about the coupon or any new deal discount and You may also use it, we can understand it as an example, assuming you have a clothes shop, you take your customer’s phone number while selling the clothes and when you have new stock or you have a cloth cell If you have installed, then you can tell them about this offer through SMS or Call.

Phone marketing is divided into sections

SMS Marketing 

 In this, you send a message to the customer and send the details of your offer or product and you can also use some links in it, you can also give a link to your website so that your customers can only get the details of your product in the text format. Can also be displayed as image and video instead

Call Marketing 

 In this, you can call your customer and tell the details of your product, and you can also make some suggestions for your product, you can also find out what kind of product your customer likes and his product. What do I look like

All these tools are traditional and their usage has reduced at present, but digital marketing and social media marketing, email marketing and many other marketing tools are being used very much and they are also cheap. Had read the definition and description of it, now I will give you some important information about it

Digital Marketing It is made up of two words in which digital means internet-based and marketing means to do business and I will give you some information about the business.

digital marketing tools

What is Digital Marketing? The answer to this question is to make the product or services available to the customer as per the requirement of the customer in the market. Its main purpose is to make a profit by producing the person or organization, the company by which the goods or services are produced. That is, the person who delivers the goods or services as per the requirement of the consumer or the customer is the businessman.

Now you must have understood that what is business and business can be done both digitally or online based on the internet but it is very important to advertise for both online or offline business and for this use of digital marketing If done, now we know about it.

• Email marketing

• Affiliate marketing

• Content marketing

• Social Media Marketing

You can use all of this, you have to understand all of this because all of them can be used to increase the productivity of digital business, which I told you in the beginning that what we Digital Marketing means. I will read in this article, I think that the information given so far may have given some information about it.

Email Marketing 

You are finding out from its name that email is used in email marketing, before understanding it, we take information about email, the full name of the email is electronic mail and you can use it in a Google program You will have to send emails like Gmail, you have many free services that you can use and email or Gmail facility is available in your smartphone too.

Now you must have understood about email, but if you want to send millions of emails, then you cannot use the free email services but emails can also be sent to millions from your smartphone or computer. If you do this at once, then you will have to enter millions of email addresses and in doing so you will waste a lot of time.

There are many such tools available on the internet which you can use and whenever a person or your customer comes to your website, through a pop-up window they will ask them to enter their email and the user will enter their email here and Whenever you put an article or blog or you want to give the information of any product or cell to your customer, this tool will mail it to them, it will take very less time, in which the list of tools is given below.

• Mailchimp

• SendinBlue

Affiliate marketing – It is used a lot and bloggers use it here, producers list their products and bloggers choose any product related to their article or their topic.And when visitors come to their website, if they need that product, then they buy that product and some part of the price of that product gets to the blogger. Works and sells that product and gets some commission

Now if you are a producer, you can take advantage of this, you can list your product or any service and this will increase the sales of your product and you will not have to advertise your product because bloggers will choose your product and Help you sell it

Below are some websites that you can use to list your product. You must have heard the name of the website before, these are Amazon, this website is a shopping website, it is also used for Affiliate Marketing and in all The website can also be added to the list of Best Indian Affiliate programs.

• Flipkart Affiliate

• Amazon Associates

• vCommission

• optimize

• MakeMyTrip Affiliate

• BIGROCK Affiliate

• GoDaddy Affiliate

• eBay Affiliate

• Sportskeeda Affiliate Program

Many other similar programs are available on the internet. You can use all of them. If you want to see more programs, then you can search the Best Affiliate Programs List on Google, here you will get a list of them, I think you can find them I must have understood very well, you can also ask me questions through the following comment, I will definitely tell you their answers.

content marketing

Content marketing 

 It was not popular earlier, but now its circulation has increased, in order to increase the awareness of your product or your brand, make a payment on the famous website and write about your product services or brand, because of this. I am able to know that your website also comes in the eyes of Google very quickly, we also know it by the name of sponsor post, you can also get it done for free, but for this you have to give a backlink from your website and so on. It is possible to write about your brand or your product without a bare link, but often the blogger takes some payment or backlink from you, I think you

You must have understood about it well, if you have any kind of question-related to it, then you can comment in the comment box given below, we will definitely answer the question you asked.

Social Media Marketing – It is very popular and often people use it, I can easily explain it to you, you will be using many social media platforms like social media like Facebook youtube Instagram if you have a lot of followers on your account. Or if you have a lot of subscribers, then through the sponsored post, the producer will advertise your brand or product and this will also increase your sales but you have to pay for it.

This makes your product or your brand name accessible to the people and people get to know your product. It is also very easy to do this. You will have to connect with your business-related logo on Facebook or any other social media platforms and their convenience According to them, they will have to pay, then they will share your product with their account and your product’s reach will increase, now you will have many questions coming in your mind, one of them will be that Top Social Media Sites For Advertisement has been answered below. Apart from this, if any question comes in your mind, then you can ask me through the comment also, I will definitely answer the questions asked by you.


• Twitter

• Instagram

• Tumblr

Future of blogging

People’s thinking about blogging has been changing a lot for some time and people are thinking that instead of text content, they should work on video content, this is the reason that internet has become very cheap in today’s time and people are now using internet Have started to use a lot

In the time of Corona virus, people made offline things completely online and at that time a lot of internet was used, at that time people used to spend most of their time watching videos on youtube.

Internet rates have decreased in India, but in the US and many other countries, Internet has been cheaper for a long time, due to which people have been watching videos for a long time, but it is not that the website which used to write text content is now closed Added a little effect on the website as well, but those websites are still earning money today and will continue to earn it, so you don’t think that the future of the website based on the text content is bad.

But you try to rank your website or post on the first page of Google, so that you keep updating your posts on time and for this you can use a trick, you can update the rank article on the first page more so that it Always be in the rankings.

I think that through this post, you must have come to know that What is Digital Marketing and the questions that have come to your mind will have been resolved, if you like this post, then you must share it and give your feedback for it. You can tell me and on which topic you want to get a post in the coming time, I will definitely make you post on that topic, you can also share this post to your friends and relatives, I have solved many questions here In this article, What is Social Media Marketing, What is Email Marketing, Best tools for Digital Media Marketing, Best Tools for Email Marketing, Best Websites for Social Media Marketing and many other questions I have answered through this article You have to give correct and accurate information, if you want to read many more posts related to commerce, then visit our homepage, you will get many more articles here.

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